CONTENT ASSISTANT (Video and Graphics)

Review of team member responsibilities:

✔️ To cut videos to fit the copy of the social media calendar (copy and description will already be provided 15 days ahead)
✔️ Graphic design/ layout for social media posts that relate to the copy – can range from photo with logo, minimal photo retouching, cropping, thumbnails, motivational posts, etc.
✔️ Graphic design for event posters, keynote/ PowerPoint/ Google slides, e-book design, and social media announcements
✔️ Generate EOD (end-of-day) reports and weekly overview report for CEO


💎 At least 2 years of professional experience in Photoshop Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects
💎 Preferred: social media management experience, content marketing experience
💎 Must have high-level work ethic, be a self-starter, has initiative, and communicates suggestions well for efficiency and correctness
💎 Positive attitude, team player, dependable
💎 Must be DETAIL ORIENTED, mistakes on your (sample) videos will show your standards


The Million Dollar Gym is a business consulting company that specializes in leading with gym owners to build the business they’ve always dreamed of owning. MDG helps them perfect their sales and onboarding process, automate lead gen and task management, craft the perfect offers and supporting content for their brand to stand out, and ultimately add more members to their gyms at a profit and keep them on for longer.

If interested, send your CV and portfolio to with the subject CONTENT ASSISTANT FOR MILLION DOLLAR GYM

There will be a PAID TRIAL:
Create one 30-60 second video like a paid sample. Payment is P500 and will be transferred through Paypal only. Send within the next 24 hours upon confirmation of acceptance to the project with LA Futalan.

*** We will send brand assets of the client and more details about the sample requirement to the shortlisted applicants***