Proximity Placements is a team

made up of people committed to bring some A-players on your team.

Whether you’re a solopreneur looking for extra help, or a company hitting a wall with hiring a specific team member, we’ll take good care of you.

Our Team

Karla Singson

Seasoned entrepreneur and business builder for physical and online businesses, trusted advisor to small and medium enterprise owners

Noel Neagle

Over a decade of experience in operations and project management, with experience leading teams for Amazon, T-mobile, Microsoft, Bank of Hawaii, and IHG | Now HR and operations consultant for Proximity Placements

Leah Futalan

Certified OBM (Online Business Manager), operations manager, and outstanding recruitment officer, credits to her extensive experience in customer support for marketing agencies and SaaS Companies

Mae Antonio

Certified OBM (Online Business Manager) who loves supporting heart-focused, service-based businesses

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What Our Customers Say


Proximity Placements has been a godsend to me and Roof Engine. My VA has basically taken over the fulfillment. Thank you so much for helping me find her.  


Mitch Miller

Opposed Media

I’m an owner of a marketing company in which stakes are high and lives are changed. When we need to hire two more people, I asked Proximity Placements to take care of it for me because I knew once I gave them my criteria and standards, they would do the rest. They delivered. We are part the 3-month mark and I am extremely happy with our new team members. I recommend Proximity Placements to anyone looking for quality help.

Rohan Sheth

Rohan Sheth Consulting

I’ve worked with Proximity Placements multiple times to help me find VAs and other assets for my team. As a marketing consulting company, I depend a lot on admin work and designers and this was really big for me. If you’re looking for a team member that will help you out, these people know what quality is. They stand by their word and they’re proud for what they do. Thank you!

Wade Alters

WadeAlters Consulting

Loving my VA so far! Can’t believe I waited so long! My business would be so much farther along!

Mike Young

The Makeover Master

Proximity Placements is awesome, everything up until the final interview done for you.

Nadya Rousseau

New Alter Media

When you have the right team members behind you, not only will everything else fall into place but you're reminded to be on your A-game x150. Thanks, Proximity Placements, for finding Alter New Media someone who's so "on it" on her first day!

Uli Iserloh

Big Boost Marketing

I am ready to hire the second person through your agency!

Have you always had weird or bad experiences hiring virtual assistants by yourself?

Is this your first time and you don’t want to make a mistake?

Check out this FREE GUIDE that we made about the “Top 10 Mistakes that People Make when Hiring a VA”. Over a decade of experience and hundreds of hires across different businesses, we’ve come up with ways to avoid these mistakes, and what to do instead— a.k.a. our best practices.

Have you always had weird or bad experiences hiring virtual assistants by yourself?

Is this your first time and you don’t want to make a mistake?